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Palm CowRecords

The Palm Cow & Calf Records Program was developed to fill the void of producers wanting to collect and maintain cattle records, butwho were not ready to invest in a large production management software package. This program allows the user to enter and update individual animal records on a Palm powered PDA. The program allows the user to enter, Calving, Breeding, Weaning and Pregnancy Check data on an unlimited number of animals.

When the Palm is HotSynced with a PC, the data is automatically stored in a MS Access Database, and converted to a file that can be viewed/edited with MS Excel. Users that have MS Access can export updated records to the Palm. Though MS Access is NOT required to make the program work. Only one production year is stored on the Palm, though, you can save historical data on the PC by simply saving the CowRecords data files with a different file name.

For user that eventually desire to upgrade to a more thorough production management software program, CowRecords data can be imported directly into that program. CowCalf5 has an automatic import feature to import CowRecords data.

EID Reader Support

The Palm Cow & Calf Records Program is disigned to integrate with multiple Palm Compatible EID Readers. The program will work with a Sled EID reader from TekInd if the program is running on a Palm M125, M130, I705 or Tungsten C Palm powered PDA.

Utilizing blue tooth technologies, which is built in on many new Palms, or can be added with a Blue Tooth SD IO card for those palms with expansion capabilibities, the Palm Cow & Calf Records Program can communicate with Blue Tooth EID readers.

NOTE: The CowRecords palm software requires a program called Appforge Booster. This software for palms running OS version 3 - 4, and OS 5 is included free of charge. There is also a free version for the older Windows CE devices. New CE devices may not be compatible. Contact if you have question about your device at 402-762-4357 (HELP).


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